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Oxva Vaping Solutions:

Oxva, an innovator in the vaping industry, is committed to delivering high-quality, cutting-edge vaping devices to enhance your vaping experience. All kind of vaping products are available. With a focus on user-friendly designs and advanced technology, Oxva brings you a range of sleek and powerful vaping solutions tailored to meet your needs.

Products Available on Vapour Vape UAE:

- Oxva Origin X: A versatile pod mod system that offers both MTL (mouth-to-lung) and DTL (direct-to-lung) vaping experiences, featuring a replaceable 18650 battery and compatibility with a wide range of coils for customizable vaping.

- Oxva X: A compact and portable pod system designed for convenience and performance, featuring a long-lasting battery, adjustable airflow, and compatibility with various coil options for optimal flavor and vapor production.

- Oxva Velocity: A stylish and ergonomic pod mod kit that combines simplicity with power, featuring a built-in 1000mAh battery, adjustable wattage output, and a refillable pod with adjustable airflow for a personalized vaping experience.

- Oxva Uni Coils: High-quality replacement coils designed for use with Oxva pod systems, offering excellent flavor and vapor production for a satisfying vaping experience.

- Oxva Replacement Pods: Refillable pods specifically designed for Oxva devices, featuring a convenient top-fill design and adjustable airflow for smooth vaping.


  1. What sets Oxva apart from other vaping brands?

   - Oxva prides itself on its commitment to innovation and user-friendly design. Our devices are engineered to deliver exceptional performance while remaining accessible to vapers of all experience levels. With features like adjustable airflow, versatile coil compatibility, and long-lasting batteries, Oxva devices offer a truly customizable vaping experience.

  1. Are Oxva products compatible with other brands' coils and pods?

   - While Oxva devices are optimized for use with Oxva coils and pods, some may offer compatibility with coils from other brands. However, for the best performance and safety, we recommend using genuine Oxva coils and pods designed specifically for your device.

  1. How do I maintain my Oxva device for optimal performance?

   - To ensure your Oxva device continues to perform at its best, regularly clean the contacts between the pod and the device with a dry cloth or cotton swab to remove any e-liquid residue. Additionally, check and replace coils as needed to maintain flavor and vapor production. Always refer to the user manual for specific maintenance instructions tailored to your device.

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